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I am a passionate photorealist. I cannot fully appreciate pieces that lack detail unless they vividly depict a deeper, alternate meaning than what is presented at face value. I strive with all of my being to include as much detail as possible into all of my pieces. The full effect of photorealism is achieved through the application of high contrast, painstaking shadowing and the inclusion of as many details as possible.

In portrait work, it is even more important to pay attention to these principles in order to create an impressive replica of the subject in portrait.

However, one must also pay rapt attention to the details of the layout of the face and the person's features. Accuracy in this department will aid in ensuring that the portrait looks just like the person.

A fellow blogger, Portia Subran (a.k.a. DeadEyes), has experience in developing portraits.

You can find her at The Art of Wisdom and War

Anyway, its my turn to show 'off' my portraits too.

It's been a while since I've done a proper portrait. 

Not counting the one I've just completed, the last portrait I created was completed on the first of September last year.'s been a while.

Personally, I think that I have definitely improved upon my techniques and my rendering capabilities but I definitely have to continue working hard at improving my accuracy and proportion mapping.

The following picture shows the first portrait I EVER completed:

A 'failed' portrait of Dr. House  


House M.D. (Portrait 1), Graphite on paper: 14" X 17".
I definitely have improved since then.

If you take a close look at the portrait, I signed this piece over a year ago.

Since then, things have changed.

My ability to achieve shadowing has improved and I am proud of what I am able to achieve nowadays in my artistic studies and exploration of expression.
I was heavily advised to stop doing portraits of these famous people, so I thought I would let them go out with a bang.

One year later, I decided to take Dr. House for a spin again...

I definitely am proud of my improvements, but I leave the verdict up to my readers to tell me where I have to continue the physical practice and research necessary to become a better portrait artist.

Simply more than a year has helped me improve my techniques to a level beyond my own expectations.

On the 22nd April, 2011 This is how the NEW House M.D stands:

House M.D. (Portrait 2), Graphite on paper: 17" X 22".
Improvements galore.

So concludes another vacation in the life of a dedicated student and a very tired human being. The trials of academics and art help make me stronger at least, so there is some good that comes out of hard work.....

This is my last portrait of an internationally famed person who is not locally based.
In the future, I may post some pictures of my previous portraits which include the likes of Queen Latifah, The Joker, Taylor Swift, and last (but not least) Ellen DeGeneres.

Due to my return to the hectic life on Tuesday, my posts may start to dwindle in frequency, but I will try to update as best as I can.


DeadEyes-_- said...

Lol, I love the tag bragging rights :P Dude, you are amazing, you've developed so much in a year! All you young people make me so scared >< Lol, thanks for the shout out. Have a page too nuh, I can look at you things all day ^^ Keep it up!

Michelle Tappin said...

Iam a huge fan and by the way your first portrait is by no means a failure.. in fact it has more character than the second despite it's photo realistic quality

David Smith said...

Great stuff Johnathan. I love everything about this presentation. The first one for comparison (as Michelle said, is by no means a failure. Just more simplistic IMO). The newer version is really outstanding. I'm quite partial to these type of more accentuated photo-realistic renditions myself. I was like WOW when I scrolled down to see it after the first one.

And finally the time-lapse video clip. Loved that too. To see how the art progressed. That was a nice touch. Loved all. Keep up the great work Johnathan. So very proud of you.

Fort Bonifacio Lot for Sale said...

hey i can't even draw that 1st portrait myself.. awesome,,

seat rentals ortigas said...

very well innovation from the maker, hope it'll last longer.

Princess nalda said...

Hats of to you, Johnathan.Great job! That portrait of house blew me away the first time i saw it in the art exhibition your school held. Fantastic job. Student at Gasparillo Secondary school:)

Johnathan Smith said...

Thanks again everyone :)
Hopefully he will guide me to another achievement very soon. I'm hoping that the SBA sample piece to be submitted is Mr. House himself :P

Wish me luck :D

Amanda-Jane Baptiste said...

Still one of my favorites from you :) Shows how your talents are ever-evolving.

Anonymous said...

why are his eyes GIANT! pretty good but things are not to scale

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