Thursday, August 23, 2012

Distinctive Excellence

I must apologize for my extended period of absence from the blog, I've been quite lazy during this vacation.

However, this laziness was as a result of the hard work placed into my CSEC and Cambridge International Exams in the previous term. The serene bliss of sedentary life was broken two weeks ago upon the release of CSEC examination results from their website.

I always believe that you can only hope to receive as much as you have put into anything in life.
And I definitely put a lot of effort into my artwork.

So, I'm beaming with pride to announce my distinction in the CSEC Visual Arts exams.
Grade A profiles in all three categories:

-Graphic and Communication Design
-Theory Process and Practice.

Also, having received grade ones in each of my other 8 CSEC subjects (with seven of them being full distinctions), it was quite a relief to see my hard work rewarded.


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