Sunday, October 10, 2010

Entry 2


Minimal practical work was done in today’s class due to restraints in time. However, we learnt many new theoretical aspects and guidelines by which we can improve our work, especially in the branch of graphic design such as the elements and principles of design. Exercises in balance were also conducted as seen below.

The simple geometric shape of the circle was drawn three times within a rectangular box. Each circle per box was given a different size to change the balance of the box.
Balance is affected by size, colour and placement of the object, so bigger, darker, lower objects will appear heavier while small, lightly coloured, high objects appear lighter.

The Elements of design are:
  • Line                          
  • Shape
  • Form
  • Colour                      
  • Texture (tactile or visual)
  • Space
  • Value

The terms tactile and visual as it relates to texture refer to the use of realism or optical illusions. For example, using body paint, one can change one’s skin colour to an inhuman metallic effect detectable by the eyes, but the skin still feels normal to the touch. This can be manipulated in graphic design to achieve unique effects in relation to the piece under construction.

The Principles of design are:
·         Balance
·         Emphasis
·         Movement
·         Pattern
·         Rhythm


DeadEyes. -_- said...

Whoa, 'k Din know all this >< Lols, thanks for sharing, you're helping us all :D

J Smith said...

No problem....that's what all this is about.
Helping others achieve greatness through knowledge

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