Thursday, May 19, 2011

I Went to U.W.I.

Recently, Duane and I were given the opportunity to go to the Open Day of The University of the West Indies' Faculty of Engineering.

This 'field trip' was organized by the Physics department of Hillview College.

We were both excited by this venture as we were both thinking about a career in the field of engineering. We just didn't know which department.

So, today was the aforementioned open-day.

The bad thing was that we missed our art period today :(

However, it was indeed a valuable experience.
The prospect of being able to see into the depths of these fields long before even joining the University seemed quite overwhelming.

I also saw many opportunities to integrate art and aesthetic qualities into engineering projects.

I shall elaborate more on this event in later posts.

Assignments call...

Will post more soon.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


In spite of the horrendous overload of work from all subject areas from as far back as the last two weeks and continuing in the present with increasing intensity, I have managed to get a little time to post something.

I do not like to be rushed.

I despise the behaviours of people who give unreasonable deadlines because they think that you only have their subject to do for CXC, when in reality, you have at least seven more.

Anyway, this is not an avenue for venting my growing discontent.

Why did I have to pick 9 subjects for C.S.E.C?
Especially Technical Drawing? Why?

A while back, I posted some tips about photography.

I've now become intrigued by textural photography.
There's so much potential in this kind of photography.

The possibilities for abstraction are endless...

Some nice wood grain

Can you guess what this is?

The infinite possibilities

EDIT (04/02/2014): These photos were all taken with a Nikon Coolpix P3. I had not yet had the pleasure of owning my D5100.

Very soon I'll be posting the pictures of the still lifes we have recently started.

One is in chalk pastel and the other is in acrylic paint.

Friday, May 6, 2011

The Human Figure Drawing

Since my last post, we have begun an aggressive study of the human figure.

Every class so far has either been about our discussions for a secret project in late October of this year.....

Or we have been drawing contour and stick figures of each other to attain a better understanding of the human body and to firsthandly experience the power of proportion!!

Here are a few pics of what we've been up to:

A fancy pose by Mrs. Tappin - Davis

A drawing of Duane drawing

All of these were done in charcoal stick in literally under a minute each.

We are working on speed drills...trying to capture as much of the essence of the person and their personality as quickly as possible.

The next stage will be to start putting flesh on these figures...and precious details.


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