Thursday, September 18, 2014

SHADOWS - Time to Vote

I have to apologize for me extended leave of absence. Since my last post, I was swamped with work culminating in CAPE exams a few months ago. Immediately following exams, my team and I were shooting and editing a short film called SHADOWS as a submission to the Trinidad and Tobago Secondary Schools Short FIlm Festival 2014.

Producing a 5 minute film is much more difficult than it sounds, because it is a steep challenge to fit rich content into a 5 minute window.

The time has come to vote for our short film to be the People's Choice award for the Secondary Schools Short Film Festival 2014!

I would sincerely appreciate your vote, by following these simple steps: 

2. The page opens where the schools are listed, on the panel to the right, check the box next to  Hillview College.

3. Scroll down and select the VOTE button.

You can also view the voting status by selecting the VIEW button at the bottom.

To see our film and vote for it, follow the link here -->

Vote here:
YOU CAN VOTE ONCE EVERY 24 HOURS! So keep those votes coming!

Voting closes at 12 noon on Tuesday 23rd September, 2014.

Looking forward to your support! Look out for more films in the coming years as well!


Helen Charles said...

Haven't seen it yet but I know a lot of effort went into the production. Good luck!

Johnathan Smith said...

Thank you for your support as always!

Sannah Bouchet said...

well done..although I am too late to vote..i appreciate the film greatly

Rodger varley said...

well done man- sorry I wasn't able to vote( too late). Anyway- good effort. thanks

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