Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Long Exposure Experimentation

Recently, my father and I went to a social night held by the Art Society of Trinidad and Tobago. On the way back home, having brought the camera along, we decided to stop at the lookout on the Lady Young Road to capture some shots of the Port of Spain skyline.

Starting off with a regular long exposure, I tried to capture all of the light pollution from the city creating the soft glow against the night sky.

Then getting a tad bit more creative thanks to my dad, we decided to try out some light painting with the city lights. Zooming and panning on the tripod head created some interesting effects. Regular long exposures are overrated.

Entering hyperspace sir!

Warp speed Scotty!

I like this one the most. No editing whatsoever. This shot has an artsy feel about it, and it makes me feel good.

Now, a few days later, we were at it again. This time we had gone into Port of Spain a little earlier, so with the sun having just set, I tried to get some mist effects off the water.

Needs more waves.

Unfortunately, the waves in the Gulf of Paria were far too tame to get the required effect, so I'll have to pay a visit to the East coast to capture a "misty" sunrise sometime soon.

Later that night, we headed to Chaguaramas to try out some more shots of the sunset afterglow, but the scene provided something a bit more spectacular. Off the coast were a few ships and an oil rig, all with their lights ablaze in the evening twilight. Having tried a two minute exposure at f4, the lighting effects were reason enough to continue shooting. After this little excursion, I wished that I had produced these photos before the exhibition of the photography club at my school. These would have made interesting submissions under the category of light.

There's always next time.

This bears the fruit of my labour that second night.


Helen Charles said...

Very interesting effects. I am guessing you used a tripod as well. I want to capture the movement of the stars but can't find an appropriate place....(both dark and safe).

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