Friday, December 3, 2010

I'm Back

I can finally take a breath and release a sigh of relief as my end of term exams are completed and my entry for the Republic Bank art competition has been submitted.

As I have some free time, right now, I'm working on adding some music to the blog for some extra nice viewing pleasure of my posts.
I want my followers to be as comfortable as possible when you take the time out of your busy schedule to read my little contributions. I want you to be able to say, "Ah, I've just spent (insert number here) minutes wisely enjoying a beautiful piece of the internet."

VERY, VERY soon, I'll be posting a picture of one of my best pieces of work. It is a copy of an Alfred Codallo pen drawing from 1956. I personally was highly intimidated by this piece of work when I first viewed it. 

But I survived.

And I think I did it just as good or maybe even better than he did...

Let's talk about some music now....
I have recently fallen in love with E.T. by Katy Perry...
It's from her new album Teenage Dream and it's fantastic.
The song is catchy, has powerful lyrics and a beautiful bassline.

To show how addicted I have become, I am actually listening to this song on replay while I am typing this up. 

I love the song.

Check it out and see for yourself why I'm hooked.

Until next week my friends.....


DeadEyes. -_- said...

Love the song, >< I'm in a terribly good X files mode, so I love anything to do with aliens, there should be more alien songs! That's my literal interpretation of course, if there something subconscious, I don't want it >< I like the alien thingy. ^^ I know how it is with the exams, you're so lucky! Ur done!! I have until the 15th :(
That's so cool of you to make sure your readers are happy and comfy, we are man ^^

Can't wait to see your piece from Codallo ^^ His 'La Diablesse' freaked me out for years -_-

Anonymous said...

Better? In your dreams. You don't even come close.
I have copies of eight of these drawings.

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