Sunday, October 10, 2010


Today on the official first day back to school for the 2010 – 2011 academic year, I was pleasantly surprised by the completion of the Hillview College art studio. In this completed studio, we now had full access to the atmosphere and special requirements for the study and improvement of our visual arts skills. We studied the area of figure drawing by learning to see beneath the skin and draw the ‘skeletal’ structure of our model. 

Our Form 4 class consists of 5 students, one of which posed as the model for our observation.
We used 14” x 17” sketch pad pages and charcoal to capture his body language and structure. Our experience in this particular area of the subject can be enhanced by experimenting with different models of differing body types, gender and using a wide variety of poses. I eagerly await our next session to see our progress in these endeavours to improve our skill.

Top: Body lines of the model in about 5 different poses.
Right: The model’s final pose in profile view.


DeadEyes. -_- said...

Awesome work man! Can't wait to see more!!! ^^ Have you heard of the Art Society of Trinidad and Tobago's November Exhibition? You should totally enter something!

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