Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Game Has Changed

Rotten says:

"Tron Legacy boasts dazzling visuals, but its human characters and story get lost amidst its state-of-the-art production design."


On Saturday 7th January, 2011,  I had the pleasure of viewing TRON: Legacy in 3-D at Caribbean Cinemas 8.

As with most action-oriented 3-D movies, the graphics were astounding and the depth of three dimensions was very present. However, there were not many, "RUN!!!,that thing is coming to kill me!!!!!" 3D moments in the film as can be easily seen in 3D animated features.

In my personal opinion, Rotten Tomatoes was a bit harsh on the movie. The plot was not mind-blowing, it was quite 2-dimensional, but it was stable and thrilling as there were few moments of boredom within the film. Suspense was high and there were some 'bad guy wins' parts of the plot to balance the power of the characters.

The riveting film score by Daft Punk fused my gluteus maximus and minimus to the flimsy theatre seats as the booming crescendos enhanced the blazing action coming through the screen at me. I must commend them for a giant leap into the the realm of film score. A highly successful leap might I add.

I will even go the extent of saying that the movie would be nothing without this resounding score.

But the one thing that resonated through my cranium after the show, and still continues to ring, is the MASSIVE jump for the CGI industry with this film. 

Designs in this show will become a lasting phenomenon which I can personally attest to with this watch I am drooling for...

And this iPod dock.....

Language is a more powerful plot tool than fists or tears to captivate an attentive audience.

TRON: Legacy had a quite flimsy plot on the surface of the movie, but the sub-plot was quite a jump for a studio like Disney (pretty much like Avatar and the sub-plot of destroying our world through greed). TRON: Legacy conveys some very powerful messages about creation, the human spirit and our lack of faith in today's society. What if there was somewhere we go after our life ends in this reality? All of our scientific and philosophical beliefs would lead us nowhere.

Our innate faith would be the only thing left.

The one thing we neglect most. 

I leave you now to visit the Cinema and view this digital masterpiece, TRON: Legacy. I guarantee that you will leave the cinema fulfilled.


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