Friday, January 28, 2011

Has anyone seen a brain running by here?

Ahh, after a long week of school, its nice to relax and do some art. Thankfully, we've had full art class periods through Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, so I'm even more relaxed.

I've been working on my self portrait for the past couple of days and I've received help from almost everyone I know (yay!).

I was extremely joyous to work in pen again....
This self portrait was supposed to be the inverse of a typical self portrait.

The least detail was to be within the face, while outside was blossoming with finely printed details of my life.

In case you were wondering about my curious title, I was hunting for a Biology textbook which contained a suitable picture of the human brain during school today. 

Unfortunately, I found none.

So, I found the brain a couple of minutes ago online.

It should be fun to put that inside....

I forgot to talk about mono-printing before I posted this....
Ugh, I'll make my next post about that technique.

Its pretty fun, but I'm more of a draughtsman, so printing like that does not..uh......appeal (yes, that's the word) to me as much as other artistic techniques.


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