Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Fundamentals of Photorealism (Pt. 1.5)

The main difference between a photorealist and an impressionist is the painstaking attention paid to detail.

Photorealists must not give up until every shadow falls at its perfect angle, until every glimmer of light is reflected accurately, until you can feel the textures while gazing into the art form, until every single molecule of the subject is captured on your artwork.

When you set your standards to this level, your shortcomings are masterpieces in themselves.

You must be ruthless to attain perfection; whatever your definition of that may be.

Every single piece you complete must be seen as a stepping stone to another standard.
Never believe to yourself for one moment that you have succeeded.

You must remember that your achievement is just as temporary as everything else in life.
You can only get better.

A perfect example is my progress with portraits.

Just as with academics, when you believe that you have become the best, or very near to it, you begin to slack off and think that your current level of expertise is enough to carry you forwards forever.


Never stop trying to be better, because one day, you WILL realize how far you have come.

Also, never stop adapting to new techniques and new media.

Life is a classroom, death is the only thing that stops you from learning more.


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