Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Art of Design

Artistic expression can take many forms.

There's drawing, there's painting, 3-dimensional imaginative pieces, 3-dimensional craft and textile work.
The influence of fashion in today's world has far extended beyond the boundaries of the female.

Men are becoming more conscious of their appearance and we artists can EXPLOIT these...wonderful opportunities for some extra creativity (and revenue).
Fashion is a cutthroat facet of life.

It's either you have the best, or you have nothing at all.
The common thought among er...wealthy fashion addicts is that "I'm only wearing originals! No imitations or franchise clothes."

What's more original than a piece of clothing created by an artist?
No company branding, no chance of a replica and the highest level of DESIGNER ORIGINAL clothing available...

As the title states, The true process is all in the design.
As can be seen in TODAY'S society, brand name doesn't mean much anymore.
The quality assured by the brand before has been almost entirely removed by get rich quick schemes which skimp on quality but care about quantity.

Some of the most beautiful designs are best kept in small quantities so that a level of appreciation can be felt when these are seen.

They're almost magically rare...

And so begins my tale of the t-shirt.
This abstract looking t-shirt was the final product of an accidental design (this seems to be an everyday occurrence for me these days :/ ).

I decided that we live in a bright, steaming hot tropical island, and this t-shirt should reflect some of that.

In contrast to international designs which use straight edges and sharp corners (which I like by the way), CURVED edges were used.

I have a progress picture of the garment with about half of the work already completed:

I hope to have it 100% completed soon and have some model shots of it!!

This is my re-introduction to textile design.

It's quite fun and this will be my new favourite t-shirt store, my room.


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