Sunday, December 5, 2010

My Prodigal Child

I am about to present my pride and joy to the world.

I worked tirelessly on this piece for as long as I can remember during the term.

I am excessively proud of my baby and the delivery was long and hard. 

She was fighting me until the last stroke of the pen.

Ladies and Gentlemen......

May I present my Artist's copy of Alfred Codallo's pen drawing done in 1956...

Drumroll please.....

May I present..... THE BONGO WAKE

I have been accused by many of having printed this and saying that it was done by my hand. By the way, this is a picture of the copy I did. I did not have a suitably large scanner to digitally recreate this piece.

I assure you my dear readers, IT IS MY REPRODUCTION.

Alfred Codallo - The Bongo Wake (1956)

This was the longest I ever took on a single piece of art, approximately three weeks of labour in total.

That is, with breaks in between etc.

I truly admire Alfred Codallo's work and it is unfortunate that he has passed on to the other side already. It would have been an honour to have met this master artist. He's the undisputed king of composition in my opinion.

Oh, I almost forgot...this is my first pen/ink piece.

I await comments...


DeadEyes. -_- said...

Wow, congratulations on completing what I would think is fairly challenging and difficult, using a pen to complete a piece. What I like about this piece is the dynamics of various things going on. The dancing, the story telling, the drums all to invoke the spirits. Well captured. Another thing that leaps out at me is the light to dark contrast, with the flambeau and scenes. ^^ I really like this, and appreciate you sharing.

Michelle Tappin said...

Don't worry Jonathan.As your mentor I can verify that this is indeed your work

Anonymous said...

I am related to this artist, Alfred Codallo. My great grandmother is his sister.

Johnathan Smith said...

I would love to hear more from Alfred Codallo's relative. Would you mind sending me an email (accessible from my profile) so we can talk further? Thank you :)

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